Minutes of Meetings

This page provides the current and previous year’s Minutes of the Community Council meetings. Copies of further previous years’ Minutes can be obtained from The Clerk to the Community Council upon request.

Minutes can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted month – which will open a pdf document. If you do not have a pdf facility, please download the Adobe Reader Software in the links section of the website.

The Minutes of all Council meetings are not approved until the following month’s Council meeting. Therefore, Minutes of the meetings will not be displayed on this web site until approved. For instance; the January Minutes will not be approved until the February meeting, and will subsequently be displayed thereafter.

The Community Council meetings are held on the second Monday of the month (except August and December – when no meetings are held) and usually commence at 7.00pm, Meetings are held in the Pavilion Building off Thomas Avenue. Residents of the community are welcome to attend and address the Council Members, for a reasonable period of time at the commencement of the meeting. Should any resident wish to attend a meeting, please contact the Clerk to the Council to confirm the time.


2020 – MINUTES




April (no Council meeting held)



July (will be uploaded following approval in September)

August (no Council meeting held)